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Cannabis strains at a glance

  • Cannabis strains at a glance

cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated crops the world and has been used in a variety of ways for thousands of years. The plant is not only known for its psychoactive but also for its therapeutic properties and is therefore used more and more frequently in modern medicine. are now countless different cannabis strains on the market and new ones are constantly being bred. In the following we give you a good overview of the most well-known cannabis strains.

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How many strains of cannabis are there?

The exact number of cannabis varieties is not known. However, it is assumed that by now more than a thousand different species of hemp seeds are in circulation. Since the different varieties are crossed with each other in many ways, New cannabis strains are constantly emerging. However, the many strains all descend from just two or three types of cannabis, which we will now discuss in a little more detail.

What types of cannabis are there?

Basically going global three cannabis strains or cannabis species distinguished: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis. However, the latter is no longer considered a separate cannabis species, but is usually subordinate to the sativa species. Haze is also not a separate species, but also belongs to Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa is considered to be "real" hemp. The sativa species thrive especially in regions like Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica or Mexico. She has light leaves and big flowers and generally grows taller and narrower than the indica plant. The flowering time of sativa is longer, ranging from nine to twelve weeks. sativa produces a noticeable high and an energetic, inspiring state. Cannabis sativa can also attention-grabbing and focused works. Anxiety and stressful situations are also reduced.

Cannabis Indica

There are basically three strains of cannabis: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis.

The Indica species originate from East Asia, India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are dark green and slightly shorter and more compact than the sativa plants. The indica flowers have a distinctive scent and extraordinarily much resin trimmings . Indica flowering time is only six to nine weeks. Due to the low growth height, it is suitable perfect for indoor growing.

Indica has a calming and relaxing effect and can also make you drowsy in higher doses. Especially with chronic pain Indica also analgesic effective and reduce headaches and migraines. This strain is also helpful for acute stress and anxiety symptoms.

Cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis originally comes from the Urals. she is a short and hardy variety and is considered in part to be the archetype of cannabis. Cannabis ruderalis contains significantly fewer psychoactive substances as Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. The main feature of this species is the special flowering cycle. Namely, the plant is autoflowering and starts after a maturation period of Flowering on its own in 21-30 days , regardless of the light cycle.

Hybrid cannabis strains

Many strains on the market today are crosses between sativas, indicas and ruderalis species, whereby the positive properties are often combined with each other. The individual cannabis varieties are therefore often mixed and can then no longer be assigned to a specific species. On the following properties of cannabis plants becomes special in hybrid crosses gladly influenced:

  • THC content
  • Height and width
  • pest resistance
  • automatic initiation of the flowering phase (Automatic Seed)
  • Yield Amount

Below is a compact one Overview of the individual cannabis species:

Characteristics sativa indica ruderalis
height growth high, over 2 meters medium, up to 2 meters small, 30-80cm
width growth narrow bushy compact
heyday 9-12 weeks 6-9 weeks about 7 weeks
climate Mediterranean warm cold
Effect mental high, drives away tiredness, wakes you up, promotes concentration physical high, can make you drowsy, increases appetite, analgesic, relaxing contains hardly any THC in its pure form and CBD , is commonly crossed with sativas and indicas.
THC content middle high small amount

The most popular cannabis strains and their effects

The different cannabis strains have very different effects. while the Sativa strains banish tiredness and promote concentration the indica strains are more relaxing and can even make you tired. Even though there is now a huge selection of different marijuana strains, they are descended from only a few original strains. They get your name usually from their breeders, where they frequently according to their place of origin, their color as well as  according to their taste or smell to be named.

Cannabis strains list

Listing all weed strains is almost impossible. On the one hand because there are so many and on the other hand because not even all cannabis strains that are currently on the market are known. Below you will find some well-known cannabis strains at a glance:

Indica strains Sativa strains hybrid varieties
  • Afghan Kush
  • OG Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Bubba Kush
  • Kosher Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • LA Confidential
  • ice
  • Northern Lights
  • Purple Kush
  • Chronic Blueberry
  • Sour Diesel
  • blue dream
  • Trainwreck
  • Cheese #1
  • Green crack
  • Purple Haze
  • Jack Herer
  • Chocolope
  • Utopia Haze
  • Chocolate Haze
  • Supersilver
  • AK-47
  • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)
  • NYC Diesel
  • White Widow
  • Lemon Skunk
  • Cinderella 99
  • Super Silver Haze
  • White Russian
  • Skunk Haze
  • bubble gum

The cannabis strains are in the table classified according to their species dominance. Only a few varieties are 100% indicas or sativas, all others contain at least a small part of the other cannabis species. In hybrids, the sativa and indica parts are often almost balanced. The names of the following types of cannabis are particularly common:

This kind belongs to the hybrids and has a slightly higher proportion of sativa. Various landraces from Thailand, Mexico, Colombia and Afghanistan are mixed. The THC content is very high, so the AK-47 should be consumed with caution. This kind promotes mental and creative abilities and should Alleviate anxiety and depression.

In the variety Blue Dream is also the sativa part is dominant and only a small amount of indica contain. The taste is berry and very sweet and this sort will a euphoric effect followed by relaxation awarded. Its medicinal attributes include relieving pain and insomnia.

This variety is native to California and exhibits a slightly higher indica percentage on. Since the THC percentage in this strain is very high, it also has a strong effect. belong to the effect Euphoria, feelings of happiness, creativity and feelings of hunger. The taste of GSC is sweet and earthy. In medicine, it can help with chronic pain and eating disorders and relieve stress.

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Medicinal cannabis strains

The cannabis plant will used to treat medical ailments for thousands of years deployed. These include primarily Nausea, vomiting, pain, multiple sclerosis as well as  Anxiety Disorders and Depression . Both that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) i.e. also cannabidiol (CBD) as well as many other cannabinoids a therapeutic effect awarded. Therefore, in principle, almost all cannabis strains are suitable for the treatment of certain medical problems.

Is CBD legal in Austria?

CBD products that help treat medical conditions can be legally sold.

Medical cannabis in Austria

In Austria is medical cannabis cultivation controlled by the Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES) regulated. This gives permission to extract active ingredients from cannabis for the manufacture of medicines to authorized traders from the pharmaceutical industry away.

However, the Austrian state only regards the active substance THC as a drug, but not the other ingredients of the cannabis plant. thats why in Austria only the cultivation of the cannabis plant with the intent of "Separation of Cannabis Flower and Cannabis Resin from Leaves and Stems" for drug production punishable.

The cultivation and sale of cannabis seeds and cuttings that have no or less than 0.3% THC included is also permitted in Austria. Therefore can high quality CBD products, which are also used to treat a wide range of medical complaints, quite legally sold become.

Cannabis strains in the pharmacy

Cannabis in its natural form may not prescribed in Austria become. This does not apply to cannabis extracts, which are approved as medicinal products. Prescription Cannabinoid Medicines are in Austria magistral dronabinol preparations as well as  Sativex®, Nabilone®, Cesamet®, Canemes® and Marinol®. In the Variety of cannabis strains it's impossible to keep track. As part of this guide, we have therefore limited ourselves to giving you a compact overview of the Cannabis Species and to give the most important varieties. For detailed information on the individual cannabis varieties and their effects, these can be looked up separately .